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Been very quiet here since my last days sport when I was at Warwick but sadly the weather has been a major factor and with planned trips to Haydock and Uttoxeter gone the way of rain and snow it has been a barren couple of weekend.

However I am delighted about the fact that for my upcoming birthday my Dad and Brother have clubbed together to buy me a ticket for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup Final at Old Trafford in November the weekend after the Lancashire Chase at Haydock so I am very much looking forward to that.

Also there was good news about the London leg of the Diamond League Athletics being moved from Crystal Palace to the Olympic Stadium so I have got myself down on the presale list and very much hope to get a ticket for that days sport.

I do have some good plans and interesting ideas for sports to go and see but so as not to put the kiss of death on them I shall not reveal any details incase our friend Mr Fate decides to do something to intervene.

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