The End Is In Sight!

Monday 17th May 2021

A date which to many is just another date like any other, the 137th date in the Gregorian Calendar in 1850 Anne Of Denmark was crowned Queen of Scotland, in 1955 the actor Bill Paxton was born as was Andrea Corr in 1974 but for the many millions of people in the UK it means only one thing.

Crowds can return to stadiums,theatres,cinemas and go to the pub!

Now it’s been a very long time in the wilderness for many of us, in fact when we do set foot on the racecourse for the first time (mine will be Haydock this upcoming Friday and Saturday) it will almost certainly seem different from the last time we were all on one.

Hopefully this resumption will be a successful one and while it won’t be quite the same due to certain things like only being allowed to have a beer sat down which is no bad thing as it will definitely discourage the rowdy behaviour that has creeped into the sport over the years especially the summer.

What is important is that this must go ahead without a glitch, the sport has had mixed news coverage this spring such as the behaviour of a certain Gordon Elliot but most notably with Rachael Blackmore who has been a shining beacon of light for us all looking for a positive in the sport and yes viewing figures during lockdown on ITV have been increasing and hopefully will continue to do so.

Like many others i am eager to set foot back on my local, on Monday at 1pm Carlisle will probably experience a mini Cheltenham like roar as jockeys and most notably quite a lot of the horses running over the next few months will experience the sound of the crowd like it’s something new, it’s important that we all play our part in how we behave and act on the course so that rather than have a drop in standards we can become the higher standard that other events with crowds will look up to.

It’s been over 15 months since a meeting was last reviewed on here too so like many i will almost certainly come on for the run next weekend.

Enjoy the resumption wherever it is that you go and wether it’s a racecourse, theatre, rugby stadium or the Dog & Duck let’s let this be the one and only time that crowds had to go through a lockdown!

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