Hello and a very warm welcome to the non award winning and non nominated sporting blog Wattyracing.

I am Neil Watson the chief site writer,editor and organiser of which events to go to, essentially this means if I peruse the racing,football and other sports fixtures on a Friday and decide where to go.

This blog will be covering predominantly horse racing with the preference for National Hunt but also to make it a bit different to other blogs I shall also be covering the odd football match in the North West Counties League’s and occasionally sports like athletics and rugby at national and local level.

Normally I can be found at almost all Haydock Saturday afternoon meetings as it’s my local course and only a small bus ride away,the first two days of Aintree’s Grand National meeting and many others during the year.

I don’t just focus on the big events though,I also like to cover events at Grassroots level as it is very important and essential to make sure they get good and better coverage to show the quality of talent coming through to a much bigger audience.

At time of writing I am almost approaching 37 and while I have no qualifications (unless you class a cycling proficiency when I was 10!) apart from being able to last being in employment since 17 and not get found out for being professionally incompetent I am having a go at writing about sport.

I do hope you enjoy reading this and welcome any feedback good or bad but preferably good.
Should you find this enjoyable then I can be contacted at


Please do feel free to contact if you happen to be from any local newspaper or radio station in the North West and you want a racing correspondent 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice read – i hope it continues to go well

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